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It’s time to let your inner astronauts soar. Here at Flight, we offer the most epic trampoline park attractions in Springfield…and beyond! If you love to have fun, brace yourself: you’re in for the most unique experience in the galaxy. Come blast off from our wall-to-wall trampoline arena in Springfield, also called our Anti-Gravity Fields —you’ll be free to jump, spin, fly, and play across 15,000 square feet of indoor fun! Ready to really reach for the stars? Have a look at our world famous trampoline adventure park activities. In Springfield, kids and adults alike know Flight is the number one spot to have fun and explore..so let’s get moving!

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Lunar Park

A 2,400 square feet inflatable that is home to several space and aviation themed attractions including Turbo Prop where one spinning propeller rotates which challenges participants in a game of stamina and endurance, Planet Hop, which allows you to see the solar system while jumping to see the planets and more! This will put your agility and balance to the test!

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Anti-Gravity Fields, aka the Trampolines

Our epic bounce arena is among the most famous trampoline park attractions in Springfield…it’s a classic! Come and try it yourself at our legendary Open Jump sessions. During Open Jump, thrill seekers can bounce, leap, spin, and soar across wall-to-wall trampolines. Jump in and enjoy boundless freedom… it’s what we’re known for!

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Space Walk

Are you our next  Battle Beam CHAMPION?! Find out with the most talked-about trampoline park attraction in Springfield: The Space Walk. Find out when you challenge a friend to a duel using our foam equipment or airbags. Whoever can better harness all their strength and endurance to stay aboard the battle beam wins! No need to worry about the defeated: our inflatable  breaks their fall!

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Imagine jumping out a moving airplane?! Your goal is to land on the cushy airbag below!

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Shuttle Climb

Ready for launch? Climb up the Space Shuttle to the control tower where you pick your next adventure!

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Lunar Dodgeball

Squad up and win! At Flight Adventure and trampoline park in Springfield, your favorite schoolyard classic just got an extreme, intergalactic makeover. In our pumped-up version, boring old floors got swapped with something…bouncier. Rock up and join us! We play continuous games every day, so get ready for that whistle to blow!

Great for corporate events, birthday parties, and team building!

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Airslam Basketball

Do we spy a future NBA superstar? If you have the makings of an MVP, we wanna see! Come and show off your sports skills at Flight Springfield’s famous Airslam b-ball court. Here, athletes of all ages can perfect the ultimate slam dunk—with lots of extra hang-time! When you shoot hoops on the best air tracks in Springfield, it’s nothing but net.

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Some of the most epic trampoline park attractions in Springfield don’t involve any bouncing! We’re talking about the Flight Arcade, of course—i. We have some of the best arcade games for all ages to play and enjoy!

Junior Pilots Zone

If you have a toddler or small child with tons of energy to burn, Junior Pilots Zone might be their new favorite spot—and yours. Whether you need a fun outing or a cool spot for a cute playdate, the Junior Pilots Zone is a great answer…and it’s only available to kids aged 4 and under! 

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At Flight Springfield, we’re famous for our intergalactic parties, attractions, and special programs. We’d love for you to blast off with us. First, let’s go over a few simple rules. These are here to keep our adventure park the welcoming venue we all know and love. We ask that all jumpers and observers sign a waiver before coming to play at Flight. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to sign a waiver online— it is available below. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. *Minors under the age of 13 should be accompanied by a responsible adult while at the facility. We can't wait to host your next adventure!


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