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FLIGHT® is about fun. It is about connection. It is about learning and adventure. It is about you. Our goal is to deliver a once in a lifetime experience every single time you visit us. We strive to reinvigorate community socialization through imaginative spaces designed to encourage active play, group celebration, interactive learning, and the freedom to fly.

As you may know, we began as a trampoline park called Flight Fit N’ Fun. Today, guests still love to bounce across our epic stretches of wall-to-wall trampolines—but that’s only the beginning of what we offer. Nowadays, we’re Flight Adventure Park, America’s only space and aviation-themed adventure park. 


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Flight Adventure Parks are premier entertainment venues to provide family fun, fitness and exciting sports.

Our air and space rebrand and newly retrofitted adventure parks aren’t the only ways we’ve made the headlines over the past year. At Flight, we are giving back to our local communities in as many ways as possible. With this mission, we’ve launched several exciting initiatives, like our Honor Roll Program, which rewards hard-working students. In 2022, we were proud to offer free park entry to all healthcare and hospital workers in honor of Nurses Appreciation Week. We loved saying “thank you” to America’s hardworking healthcare workers, and they certainly enjoyed letting loose and enjoying a sky-high adventure with us! 

We offer an experience unlike anything else, and welcome everyone to defy gravity. From amazing birthday parties, to active social outings with friends, intense individual workouts, and exciting corporate outings, Flight is the ultimate entertainment venue.

Join us for a variety of programs, events, and activities designed for everyone, from first-timers to extreme jumpers, the young and the young at heart.

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Once in a lifetime experience

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Flight in the News

When air and space enthusiast Steven Yeffa was named our new CEO, he let his imagination and love of flying soar to new heights. Together with a crew of similarly-minded folks (including real-life astronaut Captain Hoot Gibson and heroic pilot Tammie Jo Shults,) Yeffa has reached for the moon and landed on something amazing! His team worked together to transform our trampoline parks into something truly -of-this-world: an aviation and space-themed park for stargazers and thrill seekers of all ages to enjoy. This rebrand has included loads of dedicated aviation and space-themed attractions, activities, and party-planning options to enjoy.  Now, dreamers and fun lovers across North America can explore the world of flight in a secure, enriching, and interactive way—and word is flying about our adventure parks. In fact, Flight’s story and an interview with Yeffa was recently featured in The Top 100 Magazine!

Kathy Ireland sits down with Flight

Watch as the CEO and VP of Marketing sit down with Kathy Ireland and talk all things Flight. Perfect for kids, family adventures and fun!

We have created indoor adventure parks for all ages featuring trampolines, ninja warrior courses, dodgeball, climbing structures, laser mazes, ice skating, virtual reality games, and more—all under one roof, making Flight Adventure Park the perfect place for hosting your next party, event, or for having fun and being active with friends and family. Entry to the park treats guests to a heart-pumping, multi-action, year-round family friendly experience. With 13 locations in the United States and Canada, and dozens of exciting activities for all ages and abilities, we welcome everyone to defy gravity. Life is better in the air!

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Trampoline Park Locations

At Flight, the sky’s the limit! Our famous trampoline parks are bouncing up all around the country, and we’d love to show you around. Tell us where you live, and we’ll help you find your nearest location!

Live or visiting Canada? We have locations around Montreal and in Quebec City. Check them out at www.isaute.ca!

The Benefits of Jumping

You don’t stop having fun because you get old—you get old because you stop having fun!

The simple (and extremely fun) act of jumping has incredible health benefits, including improved stamina, muscle control, and coordination. Children who jump can strengthen their balance, agility, rhythm, and timing skills. Let them exercise much more than their thumbs and reduce screen time!

Jumping improves heart and cardiovascular health, increases circulation, increases bone density, speeds up metabolism, and can burn over 500 calories per hour. It uses almost every muscle in your body, which helps promote weight loss and toning, and it’s a low-impact workout that’s much more friendly on your bones and joints than pounding pavement.

The best part? It’s fun!

OUR Values


We are believers in imagination!


We are adventurous and playful which underscores that emotional connectivity matters. People matter.


We are celebratory and excitable through a passion for community and a sense of belonging.


We guide our guests to play within their abilities and we encourage self-improvement.

# 5

We are accountable and results driven, through our commitment to our guests, our community, and to each other.


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