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Have a special event you’d like to celebrate by soaring through our skies? No worries. We are known for throwing the best trampoline park parties in town, and there’s plenty more where that came from!  We’re here to make it happen for you. Simply contact your local events planning team, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what is needed for your gathering to be the party of the year. Whether you’d like to host a birthday party, graduation party, bachelor(ette) bash, school-sponsored event, or even your own charity function, we can make it happen.

Our team is ready to help you plan your epic party at Flight. Get in touch today to learn about our party packages, locations, and awesome add-ons! We can’t wait to help you soar.

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It’s an Interstellar Birthday!

Trampoline parks make a great choice for a b-day bash— especially at Flight! Here, birthday guests are VIPs; our team handles less fun details (like setting up and cleaning) so that you can fully enjoy the celebration. And be sure to come hungry: our pizza packages and snacks are out of this world. Plus, you’re welcome to bring your own dessert! Best of all, the guest of honor will be gifted their own Golden Ticket, which entitles them to blast off into space with us whenever they’d like for a WHOLE MONTH! 

Your trampoline park birthday party will include a party host, who will moonwalk you through our whole process— get in touch today to learn more!

Group Events

Ever wanted to throw a soiree on Saturn, bust a move on the moon, or celebrate amongst the stars? At a Flight trampoline park, group events are out of this world…so let’s party! We host all sorts of celebrations at Flight, making us one of the most popular trampoline places for unique events in the whole country.

Whether you want to throw an epic trampoline work outing, host an unforgettable after-prom, or treat your team to the best bonding sesh ever, your Flight friends have got you covered!

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