Let’s Have Some Fun!

Obsessed with Ninja Warriors on TV? Take this heart-pumping obstacle course from your living room and into your real life at Flight! Here, thrillseekers can challenge themselves to a real live Ninja Warrior obstacle course! 

To make our Ninja Warrior challenge accessible to more funlovers, visitors can choose between either our Extreme or Training courses. Our Training course is great for beginners and children, while our Extreme challenge suits more experienced warriors. 

Where is the Best Obstacle Course Near Me?

If you live anywhere near a Flight Adventure Park, brace yourself: it’s time to blast off into a universe of fun, attractions,  and obstacle course challenges! Find your local Flight today and start your Ninja Warrior adventure.



Can I find an adult-friendly Ninja Warrior course near me?

Yes! As long as they are within our required size limit, adults are welcome to try their luck at a Flight trampoline park Ninja Warrior course. 

What are the size limits for the Trampoline Park Obstacle Course?

All participants must weigh under 250 pounds, and be over 40” in height. For our Extreme Course, all participants must be taller than 60”.

Are obstacle courses good exercise?

Yes! When you visit a Flight trampoline park obstacle course, you won’t only be having fun—you’ll be getting your blood pumping! Ninja warrior courses like ours can help you build strength, coordination, stability, and more. 

Where can I find a Flight Ninja Warrior course near me?

Flight Adventure Park has landed across the nation! 14 Flight locations have already touched down in cities across America, and we have 11 more preparing for takeoff over the next couple of years. Find your closest location by punching your zip code into our Flight Tracker!



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